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When the photograph is a mirror of the man, and the man is a mirror of the world, then Spirit might take over.
Minor White

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A bridge over milleniums

Vacation is over and done, yet this comes with a sense of fulfillment and no regrets. I've been away on a more or less unexpected trip to a place that sits around and above other worlds and where the river of time is stuck somewhere around 6000 years before us. And there I had the honor of being part of a wonderful team of dedicated people that have built with the bare hands a bridge over this river. Which reminds me of what I was told when I was a kid: 'In life, one is really fulfilled when one planted a tree, built a house and started a family.'

A glimpse into the story that's about to take shape:


Georgiana Marin said...

Great photos!! They really tell a story! Congratulations!
I wonder...was it a teacher who told you that: "In life, one is really fulfilled when he has planted a tree, built a house and started a family."? :)

Marcian Enache-Poti said...

Thank you very much, Georgiana! :)

In fact it was a teacher that told me this, just not that kind of teacher you'd expect: it was my mother.

Anonymous said...

bah...daca mai vorbiti in engleza....venim peste voi, ca noi nu intelegem nimic...ce pana mea

Marcian Enache-Poti said...

Pune si tu un bip la final, te rog. :) Gugal transleit, A.T., sau da-mi un telefon si-ti povestesc ce scriem.

Georgiana Marin said...

@Anonymous: Eu am respectat formatul, nu fi suparat si lasa-ti pana in pace! :)

@ Marcian: Te-am intrebat, ce te-am intrebat, pentru ca acelasi lucru mi l-a spus si mie un profesor...de romana...in liceu (Sincai, dl Pavel Peres):)

Marcian Enache-Poti said...

La dansul ma gandeam cand m-ai intrebat despre profesor. Eu am avut-o insa pe dna Pascanu. :)