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When the photograph is a mirror of the man, and the man is a mirror of the world, then Spirit might take over.
Minor White

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pride or Prejudice

Music by Moby - "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad"

How does one define a superior being? By one's actions or representation and reflections of self?
They just are as a result of one's definition. One chooses how they are and how one self defines.


wb said...

How does choice relate to a caged bear and a sweet, proud tramp? And how "does" anyone deny a superior being? ... by ignoring it, perhaps.
"The way we are" is as much a matter of unbiased choice as it is contextually relative to time and space. I think choice is a mixture, in various proportions, of thoughts and instincts, filtered by judgment, rather than the translation of free will into action.
It may be the case that, by summing up its choices, one may able to "define" itself a way or the other; and to define others by mapping its projection onto the same subjective algorithm. How about hazard then? Is choice the essence of a being and, if so, is it of any good to transform it into a label and attach it to whomever? Patterns may prove to be of use and even valuable sometimes; but there are times when we are barely able to grasp the concept of another being next to us. Where are the boundaries? When does the individual redeem itself apart from the masses …

Marcian Enache-Poti said...

Choice seems to follow all inner and outer, subjective and objective, factors taken consciously or unconsciously into consideration at one moment. At the same time, one should probably accept hazard as such and struggle to outrun it.
The issue here is how does one perceive itself before and after its choices towards other beings. One seems to have become over confident of an apparent complete superiority of self and all that derives from it. Self empowerment?

wb said...

Hmmm, now I got it! You are talking about yourself, aren't you!?! :oD
Still, I am unable to link the portraits above with any kind of choice; I was hopping you would be kind, as always, and provide few clues for me, the one with no awareness of self ;op

P.S. I appreciate this short exercise of ours; it seems to be the first dialogue in quite a while.

Marcian Enache-Poti said...

The dog represents the choice of freedom, the feeling of being proud to have (won) the right to a life of freedom. Mirrored in one's choice, this translates into the acknowledgment of this being's right to freedom, of its right to be respected as a being. Pretty much what we, humans, ask from our human siblings.

On the opposite stand, the jailed bear is the image of human control over any other being, including over other humans. Reflection of one's desires, of one's definition of self.

wb said...

...and I don't want the world to see me, 'cause I don't think that they'd understand; when everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am