writing with light

When the photograph is a mirror of the man, and the man is a mirror of the world, then Spirit might take over.
Minor White

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have decided to bring the diaphanous muse of late written words and creative seeing within every new dialogue. Below thou hath it. Play it...and then...

Music by Bear McCreary - "Battlestar Sonatica"

Salt, as part of each of us, of our flesh and blood, is either bounty or poison. A spice that used to glow of gold in times of wanderers and wonders. Today nothing else but a second hand commodity...still, where available.
History has made a habit out of spiraling in a nebula of time, something similar to what mother Gaea's been doing. This is what eyes taste out of salt's history when nature comes together with man. Each one alone, both of them together. Shadow or light, lavishness or pure art?

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